Remarkable Advantages to Buying Your Pet Supplies Online

We hear everyday how going green is one the surest ways to save our planet. Gasoline prices continue to rise and with the current employment conditions, people who are working are doing so longer, taking on special work projects anything they can to ensure continued employment months down the road. The kids are back in school which means lots of homework, those special science projects and who knows what else teachers will come up with next.

With all of these components in our lives, it’s a wonder if there is any time to sleep. It is also easy to forget our four legged family members and the attention they too require. With the advent of the internet as well as high-speed connections and secure purchasing, pet owners can now take advantage of buying their pet supplies online. It is no longer necessary to take what little precious time we do have and spend it making an extra trip to the brick-mortar pet store.

As all of us try and save every penny we can, the questions we get asked are “what about the shipping cost verses going to the store” and “what if I have questions will I ever get a response?” Well the answer is some websites will charge shipping no matter how much you spend while some offer free shipping if you spend over $50 or $100 dollars. Others make asking a question so challenging you never get the opportunity to ask let alone receive an answer.

Most pet owners only spend about $25 to $30 at any one time when they visit a pet store so with offerings of free shipping on orders over $50 is pretty useless. There are online pet supply stores with shippers that offer free shipping on most orders over $25 through their affiliates like The pet supply store at Remarkable is one such website. We tell all our users that when they shop with us, type the word “Amazon” in any of categories they are looking and see all the choices available for free shipping over $25.

When you ask a question on the Contact Us page, we guarantee a response within 24 hours or sooner and most of the time we are able to respond within two hours. We know that time and money are an issue along with secure and reliable online purchasing which is why we choose the affiliate program from Amazon to offer our users. With their world-renowned reputation, we knew it was the perfect choice for our online pet supply store.

The average dog owner purchases dog food, some dog treats, and usually a dog toy when they travel to a pet store, which is around $30. If you also own a cat you’ll add their food and treats along with some cat litter and list goes on depending on how many and what kind of pets live your household. Shopping online offers you the convenience of browsing through the store on your schedule when you have the time without the worry of store hours or a location near you.

Let’s say you need to make that big purchase of a new dog bed or new dog crate. Shopping online gives you two distinct advantages; the first is price comparison. You can search literally 100’s of websites to find the best price and who ships for free all by never leaving your home. We already know our prices cannot be beat and with so many choices available for free shipping that are shipped in 24 hours we could not possibly list them all.

Lastly, if you’re like me and down sized your vehicle from a gas guzzling SUV to a smaller car then space is an issue. The first time I went to a local Home Improvement store purchased my supplies and wheeled the cart out to the car I knew I was in trouble. Buying those larger dog beds and dog crates and having them delivered right to you front door is the best way to avoid having to borrow a neighbors SUV or strapping your purchase to the roof.

Buying your pet supplies online can be a wonderful experience if you have landed on the right website and an exercise in frustration if you haven’t. Spending the precious little time you have grooming or playing with your dog instead of making that extra trip to the pet store will be highly appreciated by your dog. You may even have time for a quick nap before starting that volcano project with your kids.