Celebrity Pets – Pet Supplies for the Rich and Famous

Life is good for most celebrity’s pets. It seems to be a fad these days to flaunt your pet in public if you’re a celebrity. The most popular is the canine. I am not sure who was the very first person to start it, but it definitely caught on like wild fire. A movie in Hollywood that definitely influenced this trend was Legally Blonde. Reese Witherspoon’s dog Bruiser in the movie went everywhere with her. She dressed him up in clothes and jewels. She pampered him as if he were a child. Not only did movies influence this trend, but so did the real life celebrities. Paris Hilton was one of the first that most people probably remember. Paris and her Chihuahua Tinkerbell make the pages of several magazines every week. She turned a simple dog into a fashion accessory. If you can believe it she actually takes her dog to get a pedicure and that’s definitely not at a discount pet supply store. Most people think this is crazy, but more and more celebrities join the tabloids with their pets.

Celebrities buy all kinds of bling for there pets. They get things like diamond studded collars and leashes to designer clothing for their pups. Celebrities such as a Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears take their pooches everywhere with them. Not only are the Louis Vuitton purses a fashion craze, but the Louis Vuitton dog carriers became a hot item in Hollywood due to pop stars. Mariah Carey lets her dog Jack bathe with her, boy does he get the royal treatment. She spends hundreds of dollars on pet products each month just to groom Jack.

One of the craziest stories in circulation is about a fashion designer who was hired to make costumes for Tori Spelling’s dog Mimi LaRue. Some celebrities just have more money than they know what to do with. Does your dog really need custom pet apparel? Another celebrity that never seems to shy away from being the center of attention would be Sean “Diddy” Combs. He actually dressed his Maltese Sophie identically to himself for fashion week 2004 in New York. I wonder what his pet supply budget is!

Celebrities such as the Osbournes took on reality television on MTV and their pets became stars as well. People that watched the show knew the pets by name. They watched as the dogs got pampered every week as though they were human. The Osbourne dogs definitely wore some fancy bling and lavish pet attire. Sharon! Have you seen the %@!%&* pet supplies!

One of the most popular things right now to do with your pooch, is to get dog training from Cesar Milan “The Dog Whisperer”. Oprah and Denise Richards are among the many celebrities that have joined in on this movement. They invite Cesar into their home to help them with any problem they may be having with their dog. Cesar offers his opinion on training and pet supplies, but more often then not he trains the owner.

Some celebrities go a bit overboard and take things to an extreme, but others just spoil their pet just as you and I would if we had the extra money to do it. Pink for instance gives her Bulldog “Elvis” only bottled water. Oprah only buys her dogs’ designer collars such as the Burberry collar she bought for Sophie. These are just a few of the celebrities that are constantly in the news for being crazy about their pets. One thing is for sure, if I was an animal, I would want to be a Celebritys’ Pet.

Start A Dropship Pet Store

Who would want to start an online pet store. Pet lovers ofcourse. Indeed a love of pets is probably the number one criteria for setting up a small pet shop online. A pet store run online can be based upon a number of products such as wholesale pet supply stores, pet food or some other pet product.

Starting a pet-based home business is not easy but again it is not as hard as you might think. Normally there is no need to have a large space to keep the pet products in. In fact if you open an online pet store where you can sell pet products, you will only need to stock and maintain select products, the bulk of what you need can actually be kept and maintained by others. The rest of the products for pets can be kept by a dropshipping company that carries products and will even process sales for you. So the purchasing and receiving of the product is handled even without the seller touching or even seeing the product. Seeing there is little need to keep products with you in the home and the products sold are not even yours the cost of setting up and managing the business is actually minimal. Nevertheless you will most probably need a website that is properly hosted. For your web hosting, you can just use one of those free sites for a start to save on set up costs. Alternatively there are still some very effective and inexpensive webhosts available.

It is quite possible to use a dropshipping company for your online pet store. If you use an independent supplier ensure that they are reputable. Preferably they should also be located very close to you to ensure that you can maintain a watch on the quality and availability of wholesale pet supply products. Always make sure that you have steady supply of the products that you sell in your site otherwise you will have many disgruntled clients on your hands. Having disgruntled clients is not really a pretty thing so make sure that you give good service. Nevertheless there should be little problem with irrate customers with an online pet supply website because you remain somewhat anonymous throughout the process.

As you can see it is not difficult to get an online pet store going. However it still requires dedication and the willingness to provide quality customer service. There is nothing worse than a website that is claiming to be running a money making business being irresponsible and not controlling the selling and supplying of products in as professional manner as an offline business.

How to Promote Your Online Pet Accessories Store on the Internet – The Easy Way

One of the most daunting tasks that new webmasters of internet pet accessories stores face is how to promote your site on the search engines to ensure a good ranking and page position. This article will show you the easy way to get there, above the hundreds of other pet shops competing for the same goal.

The first step is to plan your week with a definite strategy as to how to achieve your goal. You can make a list of what your goals are and ensure you stick to it. Don’t use the “What if I tried…?” approach, as it may have some counter-effect on your main work plan.

It is a good idea to look at new SEO software to see if there are any new developments you can use, but do not be fooled by offers you may read or receive by email offering you a guaranteed top 10 position as these often come with small-print attached. If you spend too much time trying to find an easy solution then you probably are not devoting yourself to your main task fully.

The next step is to have a positive and honest attitude towards other pet related companies on the internet. You will want to build proper links with these companies to boost your search engine ranking, so offer a hand of true friendship. Do not swap links with them and then tuck the link away on a hidden page. For example, a dog accessories store like our shop can approach other pet sites, like aquarium based, equine, kennel sites, or rabbit sites and build a links page, clearly visible, named something like “Friends of (your company)”. This shows a good working relationship with others and encourages people to trust your site. For web directories and sites unrelated to animals, you can hide your web page from your navigation bar so that it has a presence only visible by a given web address but still gives clout to your ranking status. Do not link your site to any disrespectful or illegal sites. This is a recipe for disaster, so be warned.

Presuming that you have already researched your meta keywords (for the search engines to find you), you will gain the bulk of your respect from search engines by building these solid links. If you upload your site onto a social network (like Digg for example) then the weight of their ranking can help push you up the listings. Do not expect this to happen overnight. One factor that is often considered important to the engines is the age of your site. New sites have a real battle on their hands to get initially noticed, so it is worth placing a sponsored advert on the bigger search sites. If you look on the internet, nearly all these sites give you around £50 initial credit, so you can get noticed for free.

If you are going to buy SEO software, make sure it has a site optimisation feature. This will analyse your page layout and keywords against the keywords of your choice. For example, many people think that if your desired search result was that “dog clothing” would bring your site high up in the ranking, then by mentioning “dog clothing” fifty times over on your home page and keywords would be a powerful tool. This is a misconception. Overuse of words can have a detrimental effect. An optimisation program would show you how many times to use it.

Follow these simple steps and be patient. You will soon find the traffic starts coming your way.

Good Luck.

How to Choose the Best Pet Supplies Stores Online

With technology and the internet becoming more and more advanced, it is no surprise if the day comes when people will want to do only online shopping and brick and mortar stores may just be there to decorate the landscape or get replaced by their online counterparts anytime soon. Who wouldn’t prefer being able to find what you need with just a click of the mouse button over hours of traipsing from store to store only to discover what you want is out of stock or not being sold in that particular store?

Ease and convenience are the two main reasons why online shopping has reached a huge level of popularity among consumers. These and also the fact that merchandise is cheaper due to the absence of overhead expenses, rent and the need to hire additional staff. Immense savings, coupled with being able to choose from the widest variety of products and items are only mere bonuses one gets from shopping online.

It is no wonder as well, why anything and everything can be sold online these days, what with retailers being able to reach such a vast amount of people anytime, wherever they may be in the world. From books, to clothes, to home appliances, to the latest gadgets and even pet supplies, there’s nothing you can’t or won’t find over the internet, which is why one word that you cannot associate with it is “impossible.”

Learning a new skill or all about a particular skill has become easy with the advent of the internet. If you are new pet owner for example, it can be a head-spinning ordeal trying to find out how to best care for your four-legged or two-legged furry, feathered friends or even those with scales and live in water or out of it. The internet provides a great source of tips, advice and suggestions, as well as the best places to buy your pet supplies when you need them. All it takes is knowing where to look and knowing how to find what you need.

Among the best things about online shopping is being able to compare prices, products and services, which is especially advantageous for those who are budget-conscious. You can find sites online that review and compare online pet supply stores based on the following criteria: specialty, features, merchandise being sold, resources for pet owners (blogs and online community), payment options, security and customer service. These review sites also rank stores with a rating of between 1-10, with one being the worst and ten being the best so you get a clear idea on where each store excels and where they don’t.

Another thing to remember when choosing the buying the best pet supplies is to find an online store that carry merchandise which are suitable for your pets. After all, pets are not limited to just cats and dogs. You will also need to find stores that cater to birds, fish and even reptiles. If a store carries the latest heated cat beds then it must be able to also sell aquatic plants for your koi pond.

User-friendly features are also a must for online pet supply stores. You should be able to find what you’re looking for with just a single click and be able to get all the information you need about a particular product or service without going through many pages or links. Some online stores will post too many items on a single page that customers quickly lose interest and move on to another site with easier navigation and fewer items to view.

Of course, security should also be a top priority when you are trying to find the best pet supply stores online. Many stores these days offer alternative payment options for those who don’t want to give out their credit card information or are wary of giving out sensitive information, among them Paypal, bank transfers or check/money order. Make sure you carefully read the store’s privacy policies so you have an idea of how they’ll handle your information and what they will do in case of a compromise.

And last but certainly not the least, make sure you choose an online pet supply store that offers extensive customer service. Check if they post complete contact numbers and addresses, as well as if they have email and telephone support, as well as online help pages like FAQs so that you can get immediate answers to your questions, issues or concerns. Make sure that they have a clear-cut return and refund policies in place in case you have to return an item or get it refunded if you are not satisfied with your purchases.