How to Choose the Best Pet Supplies Stores Online

With technology and the internet becoming more and more advanced, it is no surprise if the day comes when people will want to do only online shopping and brick and mortar stores may just be there to decorate the landscape or get replaced by their online counterparts anytime soon. Who wouldn’t prefer being able to find what you need with just a click of the mouse button over hours of traipsing from store to store only to discover what you want is out of stock or not being sold in that particular store?

Ease and convenience are the two main reasons why online shopping has reached a huge level of popularity among consumers. These and also the fact that merchandise is cheaper due to the absence of overhead expenses, rent and the need to hire additional staff. Immense savings, coupled with being able to choose from the widest variety of products and items are only mere bonuses one gets from shopping online.

It is no wonder as well, why anything and everything can be sold online these days, what with retailers being able to reach such a vast amount of people anytime, wherever they may be in the world. From books, to clothes, to home appliances, to the latest gadgets and even pet supplies, there’s nothing you can’t or won’t find over the internet, which is why one word that you cannot associate with it is “impossible.”

Learning a new skill or all about a particular skill has become easy with the advent of the internet. If you are new pet owner for example, it can be a head-spinning ordeal trying to find out how to best care for your four-legged or two-legged furry, feathered friends or even those with scales and live in water or out of it. The internet provides a great source of tips, advice and suggestions, as well as the best places to buy your pet supplies when you need them. All it takes is knowing where to look and knowing how to find what you need.

Among the best things about online shopping is being able to compare prices, products and services, which is especially advantageous for those who are budget-conscious. You can find sites online that review and compare online pet supply stores based on the following criteria: specialty, features, merchandise being sold, resources for pet owners (blogs and online community), payment options, security and customer service. These review sites also rank stores with a rating of between 1-10, with one being the worst and ten being the best so you get a clear idea on where each store excels and where they don’t.

Another thing to remember when choosing the buying the best pet supplies is to find an online store that carry merchandise which are suitable for your pets. After all, pets are not limited to just cats and dogs. You will also need to find stores that cater to birds, fish and even reptiles. If a store carries the latest heated cat beds then it must be able to also sell aquatic plants for your koi pond.

User-friendly features are also a must for online pet supply stores. You should be able to find what you’re looking for with just a single click and be able to get all the information you need about a particular product or service without going through many pages or links. Some online stores will post too many items on a single page that customers quickly lose interest and move on to another site with easier navigation and fewer items to view.

Of course, security should also be a top priority when you are trying to find the best pet supply stores online. Many stores these days offer alternative payment options for those who don’t want to give out their credit card information or are wary of giving out sensitive information, among them Paypal, bank transfers or check/money order. Make sure you carefully read the store’s privacy policies so you have an idea of how they’ll handle your information and what they will do in case of a compromise.

And last but certainly not the least, make sure you choose an online pet supply store that offers extensive customer service. Check if they post complete contact numbers and addresses, as well as if they have email and telephone support, as well as online help pages like FAQs so that you can get immediate answers to your questions, issues or concerns. Make sure that they have a clear-cut return and refund policies in place in case you have to return an item or get it refunded if you are not satisfied with your purchases.

Remarkable Advantages to Buying Your Pet Supplies Online

We hear everyday how going green is one the surest ways to save our planet. Gasoline prices continue to rise and with the current employment conditions, people who are working are doing so longer, taking on special work projects anything they can to ensure continued employment months down the road. The kids are back in school which means lots of homework, those special science projects and who knows what else teachers will come up with next.

With all of these components in our lives, it’s a wonder if there is any time to sleep. It is also easy to forget our four legged family members and the attention they too require. With the advent of the internet as well as high-speed connections and secure purchasing, pet owners can now take advantage of buying their pet supplies online. It is no longer necessary to take what little precious time we do have and spend it making an extra trip to the brick-mortar pet store.

As all of us try and save every penny we can, the questions we get asked are “what about the shipping cost verses going to the store” and “what if I have questions will I ever get a response?” Well the answer is some websites will charge shipping no matter how much you spend while some offer free shipping if you spend over $50 or $100 dollars. Others make asking a question so challenging you never get the opportunity to ask let alone receive an answer.

Most pet owners only spend about $25 to $30 at any one time when they visit a pet store so with offerings of free shipping on orders over $50 is pretty useless. There are online pet supply stores with shippers that offer free shipping on most orders over $25 through their affiliates like The pet supply store at Remarkable is one such website. We tell all our users that when they shop with us, type the word “Amazon” in any of categories they are looking and see all the choices available for free shipping over $25.

When you ask a question on the Contact Us page, we guarantee a response within 24 hours or sooner and most of the time we are able to respond within two hours. We know that time and money are an issue along with secure and reliable online purchasing which is why we choose the affiliate program from Amazon to offer our users. With their world-renowned reputation, we knew it was the perfect choice for our online pet supply store.

The average dog owner purchases dog food, some dog treats, and usually a dog toy when they travel to a pet store, which is around $30. If you also own a cat you’ll add their food and treats along with some cat litter and list goes on depending on how many and what kind of pets live your household. Shopping online offers you the convenience of browsing through the store on your schedule when you have the time without the worry of store hours or a location near you.

Let’s say you need to make that big purchase of a new dog bed or new dog crate. Shopping online gives you two distinct advantages; the first is price comparison. You can search literally 100’s of websites to find the best price and who ships for free all by never leaving your home. We already know our prices cannot be beat and with so many choices available for free shipping that are shipped in 24 hours we could not possibly list them all.

Lastly, if you’re like me and down sized your vehicle from a gas guzzling SUV to a smaller car then space is an issue. The first time I went to a local Home Improvement store purchased my supplies and wheeled the cart out to the car I knew I was in trouble. Buying those larger dog beds and dog crates and having them delivered right to you front door is the best way to avoid having to borrow a neighbors SUV or strapping your purchase to the roof.

Buying your pet supplies online can be a wonderful experience if you have landed on the right website and an exercise in frustration if you haven’t. Spending the precious little time you have grooming or playing with your dog instead of making that extra trip to the pet store will be highly appreciated by your dog. You may even have time for a quick nap before starting that volcano project with your kids.

What’s New in Large Dog Pet Supplies? Plenty!

Large dogs are not only our best friend but also our security partner. They are the ones that keep our homes and family secure. The problem with large dogs is finding the right supply for their needs. Many of the supplies that we need for our large dogs are expensive and hard to find. Some of the large dog pet supplies online are selling them for a fortune.

With these problems at hand, our goal is to find the best large dog pet supplies store that will provide us not only with low cost prices but also with quality and dependable products. Some of the necessary equipments that we need are dog beds, large carriers and first aid kit that is a must for a hunting dog. There are a lot of online stores that sells Large dog pet supplies but we can not always guarantee the quality of their products. So in this article we will discuss some of the best online large dog pet supplies store and their products.

PetSafe is a pet supply brand that specializes with the safety of our pets. They are best known for creating innovative products that raises the level of security for our pets. Cottageview Dog Kennel is a rust-resistant black powder coat finish kennel. SunBlock Top™ included for our dogs comfort and convenience. The kennel measures 5 x 5 x 4ft. / 1.52 x 1.52 x 1.22m and includes a 2 year limited warranty. This product is available for $279.

Pawz Away® Indoor Pet Barrier has an adjustable range from 2-12 feet in diameter. It is battery operated, lightweight, with waterproof receiver collar with progressive static correction and with a one year warranty. This product is available for $69.00 is an online pet store that offers unique dog supplies that you will never find in a local pet store. The dog Parka comes in hunter green and orange colors and is available in six sizes. It has a removable, snap on hood and is made of 100% polyester. This product is available at for $19.75. Retractable leads allow our dog freedom without losing control of the situation. Our reflective retractable leash adds the extra protection for safety and visibility for our pets. With soft rubberized grips for comfort and comes in red or royal blue colors. This product is available for $19.95.

Top Dog shop is a website that provides links to the best products for our large dogs pet supplies. The Mansion Dog House is a beautiful dog house that is already assembled with see-through doors, sturdy craftsmanship using kiln dried and treated wood. The dog house has raised floor and removable roof. This product is available for $349.98.

The Universal Pet Travel Bed™ is the best travel dog bed that you can find. This masterpiece dog bed was designed to give your pet the comfort it needs when traveling. This product is available for $279. All is Well is an online store that caters to natural alternatives to optimize your pet’s general health and provides products that enhance the immune system and address special needs. Nature’s Miracle is a product that is a natural enzyme that safely and effectively eliminates odors and stains including urine, feces, food, bleeding stains, odors and other hard to remove messes.

With all these large dog products available, we can guarantee the safety and health of our large pets. It is up to us to choose what product we will need from the large dog pets supplies stores.

Know the Pet Lemon Law Before You Buy

The Pet Lemon Law – Are we Covered in Our State? Many states now have a pet lemon law in place. These laws protect owners or consumers who have bought a sick animal. Customers can return the sick or dead animal to the place they bought it from for a refund or replacement. While these laws are protecting consumers, they do nothing to protect the animals. If you are looking to help a sick animal, you need to check the animal abuse laws in your state or town. A lot of the laws only cover adult dogs and puppies. To see what animals are covered by your local pet lemon law you would need to either research the law on your own or consult an attorney who has handled cases similar to yours and knows what exactly the law includes. Some people grow attached to their pets very easily.

If, after bringing your pet home, you find it has an illness contracted at the store you bought it from, or if it was born with an illness, some laws allow for you to get your pet treatment at the expense of the store. There are limits to the amount that the store will have to pay for veterinary care of a pet they sold. Your local pet lemon law will determine if you can bill the seller for treatment and for how much. There are time limits that apply to the pet lemon law. If your pet is infected at the store, or dies, you can bring them back usually within two weeks for a refund or replacement. If the sickness is one they were born with, you usually have a full year in which you can have the animal replaced. Certain ailments and conditions are not covered by any pet lemon law.

Anything that occurs because of neglect on the part of the owner, conditions that were known about at the time of purchase, and worms or other parasites are not covered. You cannot take your pet home, let it get injured or infected there, and try to return it under the pet lemon law. Worms and parasites aren’t covered because they are not considered deadly, and can be treated by your veterinarian. You can avoid buying a sick pet. First, make sure you know everything about the pet’s history, especially their medical history. Avoid puppy mills and stores where the cages are overcrowded or dirty. You may feel sorry for that little fluffball sitting in its own filth but you will most likely end up with many problems if you take it home. Report the store to the proper authorities and find somewhere else to buy your pet.